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Nano Outdoor Vehicle Tracking

Nano Outdoor Vehicle Tracking is a cloud based mobile application for finding current real-time location of vehicles using GPS technology. A small GPS tracker device equipped with GSM is installed in vehicles to get location data and other monitoring information about the vehicle.

The Nano solution includes equipments (GPS tracker devices to be attached to vehicles), Android mobile application and cloud based web application for management of vehicle information.

Use cases Tracking & Monitoring


Current vehicle status - Online, Offline, Moving, Stopped

Live Fleet Position

Map view showing current location of of all vehicles.

Fleet List

List of all registered vehicles, names and status.

Live Tracking

Map view, watch the vehicle moving

Historical Reports

Route, Events, Trips, Stops & Overall Summary

Vehicle Data

Ignition on/off, Speed, Total distance, Fuel, Odometer, Moving status for each trip and overall

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Promising Features

  • Find real time location of any type of moving vehicle
  • Android mobile application for seeing vehicle location in Google maps
  • Mobile dashboard for quick statistics on vehicles status
  • Track each vehicle separately in a fleet
  • Detailed status reporting - ignition on/off, moving, stopped, etc.
  • Historical Reports for each trip taken by vehicle
  • Get detailed data for vehicle monitoring - Fuel, Odometer (start/end), Distance covered (tripwise/total), Speed (max/average), etc.
  • Web application for registering vehicles to track
  • Cloud based storage for monitoring trips/stops/events/route history.

Since it's new Frequently asked questions

Does outdoor tracking require a new hardware infrastructure?
No. However, you will have to buy vehicle trackers and activate them with GSM sim cards.
What are vehicle trackers?
Small GPS devices that are attached to the vehicles to get the location and other monitoring data. The GPS device requires a GPRS connection to exchange the data with the Nano server.
Do I have to purchase the hardware on my own?
No. We can help you with the procurement. However, if you want to do the procurement on your own, please get in touch with us for hardware specification.
Does outdoor tracking work for all types of vehicles?
Yes. There is no limitation on the vehicle type. You can use cars, buses, bikes, trucks, earth movers, etc.
Is our data secure? Can we own our data?
Yes. The Nano outdoor tracking engine is a platform that runs within the Nano cloud. The platform is available as a service only. However, we can store data in the cloud or an in-premise server of your choice. Contact us to discuss this further.
What is the pricing model?
The pricing is dependent on the overall fleet size. Contact our sales team at to get customised quote.
What are the deliverables for my purchase?
We will provide GPS trackers, Android mobile application and cloud based web application for fleet management.

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