Nano Enterprise Chatbot Platform

An enterprise-grade AI platform to create business bots

We build custom business bots using our AI platform according to your business needs. The platform ships with built-in NLP/NLU capabilities to understand the user context automatically. There is no need to predict every sentence that users could type and provide ready-made responses in the platform. Focus only on your business-centric conversation flows and let the platform handle the intent detection.

The bots built using our platform can be deployed in any environment and accessed through multiple channels. There are no pay-per-use charges once the bot is deployed in your own environment.


Core Capabilities Build chatbots with

Real Intelligence

Uses NLP/NLU algorithms to understand what users are conversing. Training is not mandatory.

Free text conversation

Uses natural, human-like conversation. No pre-fixed instructions and patterns.

Voice Enablement

Converts voice-to-text and vice versa. Users can either chat or talk to the bot.

Deep Integration

Connects seamlessly to any ERP / CRM / Intranet / Third-party applications.

100% On-premise support

Complete on-premise deployment, & runs in your own servers / cloud. The data is secure and private to you.

No vendor lock-in

No dependency on any third-party pay-per-use cloud platforms.

Design your needs

Every business and its use cases are unique. Design a conversation flow that fits your process.

Computer Vision

Do more with AI vision capabilities such as face recognition, gesture identification and video analysis.

Across platforms

One chatbot platform that supports various channels such as mobile, desktop or messaging platforms.

Unique Features An end-to-end enterprise chatbot platform

Automatic Context Detection

Creating difficult conversational flows with user context is the most challenging thing for an enterprise level chatbot. Unlike the others, our platform supports free flow conversations using automatic context detection.

Deploy Anywhere

Chatbot platforms do not always need to be in vendor cloud. For an enterprise, chatbot data and the business data need to be on-premise to ensure enhanced security and zero data breach. Deploy our chatbot platform on-premise or use it as a high level API. In our platform, data and chatbot capabilities are logically separated to support on-premise data handling.

Reduce Cost & Dependency

AI and Chatbots are intelligent replacements to save human time. Chatbots are meant to make conversations. But paying for every conversation in an enterprise, is an overhead. Pay for development not for every conversation. Enterprises need not depend on our chatbot platform after the deployment with pay-per-use.

Business use cases Build chatbots for

Healthcare Bots

AI helps hospitals to provide round-the-clock personalized healthcare assistance to the patients from appointment booking, emergency medical consultation, drug suggestions, health status and more.

Customer Care Bots

Interaction with customers is a key element for any kind of business. Converting a lead to customer is not a simple thing to do. An intelligent chatbot can strategically nurture a lead to prospect.

HR Bots

HR bots can automate the entire HR process and enable the HR team to focus solely on the employee needs. AI can help in various ways starting with recruitment, on-boarding, FAQ on policies, annual reviews and more.

Interview Bots

AI helps to hire on a large scale. The HR team can set up interviews by selecting skillsets that require video responses. These can be replayed later for detailed analysis and review. Alternatively, a voice enabled, animated bot can conduct human like interview. Augment this process by using face, gestures and voice recognition for candidate authentication.

FAQ Bots

Most often, the questions asked by customers to the sales team or by employees to a higher level are classified as frequently asked questions. An NLP/NLU bot can better understand these questions and form answers based on the knowledge of the entire FAQ. This is more efficient and time-saving than the typical QA model.

Productivity Bots

Deploying a chatbot in an organization reduces the time needed to collect data on tasks, attendance, timesheets and other business metrics that need to be entered by the employees on a regular basis. A common AI platform that automates business processes across the organization will keep everyone in the same page.

Integrate Platforms are unlimited

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