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Gain visibility into documents within minutes.

DiscreetDoc uses artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language understanding technologies to extract data from documents, bringing accuracy and speed to document analysis, document abstraction and key features generation.

Keywords Data Transformation

Feature Document

A lean, mean requirements document

Meta Data

A set of data that describes and gives information about the document.

Phrase Cloud

An alternative to word cloud, phrases convey more idiomatic meaning

Synonym Search

Search documents based on related words with same meaning and context

Document Summary

Auto generate summary text that captures the essence of the document

Search Parameters

Pre-defined questions, keywords, phrases and synonyms

Promising Features

  • Capture key features in a document
    DiscreetDoc will capture key features in a document, automatically generate a feature document and make it available as PDF for download. The parameters for generating the feature document is defined by you using “manage questions” section.
  • Generate phrase cloud for documents
    Use the "About Document" section to see the metadata about the document with a phrase cloud to quickly understand what the document is about.
  • Fast and easy visibility into huge documents
    DiscreetDoc enhances visibility into your documents, making it easy to get a quick picture of the document contents. Easily jump between summary text and the original scanned page.
  • Upload documents from anywhere DiscreetDoc can understand documents in PDF file format including scanned copies. Use the DiscreetDoc application to upload files from your network.
  • Visualise and manage your content
    With DiscreetDoc’s Dashboard, get a bird’s eye view of your document set. You can search and summarise the content using customised machine learning algorithms as soon as the document understanding commences.
  • Powerful and flexible search capabilities
    Find documents or specific sections within a document based on pre-defined questions, keywords, phrases and synonyms using proprietary search algorithms. The generated search parameters can be customised before actual search. The search clauses are highlighted in the search results and in the document preview.

Since it's new Frequently asked questions

Do you accept all file formats?
No. We currently process only PDF documents. The document can be a scanned copy too.
How long does it take to understand a document?
Processing a document starts as soon as you upload. The features and search services work as the processing continues in parallel.
Is there any upper limit on file size or number of pages?
No. We have processed 150 paged documents in 10 minutes.
Is our data secure? Can we own our data?
Yes. The DiscreetDoc engine is a platform that runs within the Nano cloud. The platform is available as a service only. However, we can store data in the cloud or server of your choice. Contact us to discuss this further.
What is the pricing model?
The pricing is dependent on your document processing requirements. Contact our sales team at to get customised quote.

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