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We build custom business bots using our AI platform according to your business needs. We first design bot conversations with your team customized for your business. The bots built using our platform can be deployed in any environment and accessed through multiple channels. There are no pay-per-use charges once the bot is deployed in your own environment.


After sales Chatbots

Automate the entire customer support that happens after sales through chat conversations.

Warranty Claim Chatbot

Automatic claim management

Provide instant resolution for complaints by checking if the issue can be resolved using knowledge base or FAQ.

    Product Registration

    Intelligent Product Search

    Customers can search and register products by name or brand.

      Service Requests

      Live Agent Transfer

      Chatbots operating as live agents will transfer chats when appropriate to human agents and pass on tickets seamlessly.

        E-Commerce Chatbots

        A chatbot to act like a personal shopping assistant, acknowledge customer's intent and gee recommendations. Establish personal connection to keep customers coming back to your store.

        Personalized Brand Experience

        Guided Shopping

        Chatbots can guide shoppers by suggesting products and replying to comments/questions while shopping. They can also reach out to customers for future re-engagement and convert new customers at scale.

        Shopping Cart Integration

        Seal the deal

        Integrate with marketplaces or shopping platforms to finish the deal through chat itself.

        Reduce Abandoned Carts

        Where's my shopping cart

        Remind shoppers about abandoned carts and offer discounts if available


        Streamline Checkout Process

        Unanswered questions make shoppers abandon the checkout. Incorporate chatbot prompts to smoothen out the checkout issues.

        Health Care Chatbots

        Healthcare chatbots help the service providers as well as patients by acting as a virtual assistant for clinic, hospital and health care center. They are easy to add to the hospital/clinic website or mobile application and highly efficient in handling repetitive tasks without human intervention.

        Hospital - General Inquiry

        24x7 Information

        Enable patients to get information about hospital without having to call enquiry. Suggest a branch based on symptoms, doctors and facilities.

          Book Doctor Appointments

          Match doctors with patients

          Intelligent search for finding doctors based on speciality, availability and patient symptoms.

            Book Medical Tests

            Home test for registered users

            Select from the list of test packages, search for a specific test with keyword or simply upload the test prescription.

              Collect Patient Feedback/Complaints

              Sentiment Analysis

              Enable sentiment analysis during feedback collection to understand patient mood/sentiments.

                Intranet Bots

                A chatbot can not do what an intranet does. But chatbots can add a certain personality to intranets and greatly help with finding relevant content on the intranet.

                Intelligent Intranet

                Personalize Intranet Experience

                Intranet chatbots can proactively send individualized alerts and announcements to employees and provide a personalized experience through a conversational interface.

                Internal FAQ Chatbot

                Benefit all teams

                Answer recurring basic questions for internal users of the organization on leave policy, printer setup, company holidays, etc.

                Automate Tasks

                Improve Productivity

                Tasks like applying for leave, booking a conference room, etc. do not need resource time. Use chatbots to automate fully.

                Human Resource & Hiring

                Sophisticated Hiring Process

                Chatbots can accept application for jobs & conduct job interviews reducing the workload on HR team and increasing the accuracy of hiring.

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