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Aftersales Chatbots

Stay tuned always to answer common questions and requests in a personalised way.

  • Warranty claims & Feedback collection from customers.
  • Handle service requests & Collect product reviews.
  • Product registrations and automatic service center mapping.


E-Commerce Chatbots

An exclusive chatbot for your online store. Answer customer questions about products, shipment, cart and the store in general.

  • Offer product suggestions & upsell other products
  • End-to-end shopping flow from catalog browse to payment collection.
  • Integration with your own CRM to track your orders.

Healthcare Chatbots

Help patients to schedule an appointment with the relevant department through chat.

  • Suggest doctors based on symptoms
  • Cancellation & Rescheduling appointments
  • Payment collection & reminders for upcoming appointments


Intranet Chatbots

Add personality to your intranet portal and provide a personalised intranet experience through conversational AI.

  • Augment HR with interview chatbot to ease hiring process.
  • Send individualised news, alerts & announcements to all employees.
  • Answer recurring basic questions & automate repetitive tasks.

Whatsapp Chatbots

WhatsApp makes it easy for existing and new customers to utilize your business right from where they are.

  • Running your business through WhatsApp chat can provide global reach for your brand.
  • Use rich-media such as emojis, images & video clips to provide a rich engagement experience for your customers.
  • Integrate your WhatsApp conversations into your favorite CRM to keep track of your leads.
  • Perform end-to-end business workflows by providing real-time confirmations and instant answers.
  • Deeply integrate with your backend applications to execute complex business flows through WhatsApp chat.
  • WhatsApp bots can handle repetitive, mundane tasks easily and effiently freeing up your resources to focus on real issues.
  • Explore Usecases

IoT Solutions

We provide indoor & oudoor asset tracking and navigation solutions using Bluetooth, LoraWan and hybrid technologies.

Indoor asset tracking is a modern software solution to locate, trace and monitor physical assets inside a multi-story building. In asset tracking, the asset data is automatically collected and exchanged with the cloud through a hardware positioning system. Once the hardware infrastructure is set up, there is no dependency or human effort involved.

Indoor Navigation  Indoor Asset TrackingOutdoor Tracking

Enterprise AI Products

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to add cognitive abilities to businesses. We create new application experiences using intelligent text processing, software robots, NLP/NLU & computer vision capabilities.

Software robots are voice enabled chatbots with a body/avatar that talk like a human. We use natural language understanding technology (NLU) to carry on natural conversations with the users. The software robots are very useful to automate a lot of business processes for both internal and external users. Software robots can be made to detect faces and recognize voices to authenticate the end users.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions can extract the most important information from large business documents automatically. Use IDP to automate your business processes end-to-end.

Enterprise Chatbot Platform  Intelligent Document Processor

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Digital transformation with conversational AI. That's what we do!

We, at The Nano Labs, build solutions for digital transformation of businesses using advanced computing. We integrate AI powered chatbots, IoT and machine learning technologies into our products and solutions to automate your business processes and make them run 24x7 with lesser operational costs.
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